Sunday, August 08, 2010

Back to the Needles

<-- That's not me; it's a picture of the designer wearing the sweater. Ok-- here's the story.... I started the February Lady Sweater quite awhile ago. I'm knitting it in Water Lily in a wonderful variegated muted orange color. Made pretty good progress. Needed to put it down for a bit. Picked it up again. Started doing the shoulder increases on the wrong side. Looked terrible (it was quite apparent to me-- would have been even from the back of a galloping horse.) Put it back down. For a long time.

So when I was getting ready to head south to the mountains for the weekend, I unearthed it, thinking I could fix it. I picked up some little dpn's at Mosaic in Blacksburg, and ripped the offending "make-one's" down to where I messed up. I figured I could just knit them back up, but the beautiful pattern made by the twists in the "make-one's" would not reappear. So I frogged the whole 3 skeins' worth.

I started over, and I think it's going to be ok. I cast on for a smaller size to make the neck ride up a bit higher, and calculated that with 8 increased stitches every row, it'll only need another 2 rows to catch up with the pattern.

I finished 12 repeats of the neverending (well, truth be told, it will only be 31 repeats) garter stitch. I'm happy with the second buttonhole. The first one is a bit sketchy looking, but I'll crochet or stitch around it so it looks prettier.

So-- the question is whether this will actually achieve FO status. I'm back on the needles, and hope I'm back in the saddle.

(stay tuned---there WILL be pictures)

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