Sunday, August 15, 2010

An Era Ends

Stef and Katie check out patterns

I'm still trying to catch my breath, and imagine my world without Knit Happens.

The knit shop I go to (soon "went to") is closing after 6 years. The Manager has had too many hassles with the landlord, and she decided to take a new turn in life. We've all been through a lot together--- weddings, deaths, travels, kids in college, job changes, (weight changes).... these are my away-from-work adult friends. KH (Knit Happens) is where we met every week to catch up, be creative, check on each others' progress, and breathe. It was the "safe place". So now, we need to figure out a new plan. There is another lovely shop in town, but this was "my" LYS.

In other news, progress is being made on February Lady Redux. (See Elspeth above, modeling hers in grey.) I was able to get about 45 minutes of knitting in during a traffic hang-up on my way back from Blacksburg on Thursday. I was hurrying to meet up with "The Irregulars" for KH's Irish Wake, and was making great progress when all of a sudden, traffic just stopped.

So I sat on I-66, amongst some 20 miles of cars, and knit.

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