Friday, August 27, 2010

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

I go to the ballpark in Washington DC once a year, except for this year when I went twice this week. My place of work has an annual outing for nurses who are certified in their specialties, and we look forward to it. It was scheduled for Thursday (last night)

The Husband was a bit jealous, so he decided we should go see the Cubs playing against the Nationals on Tuesday night. Being a Chicagoan, I like ALL Chicago teams-- and while I might have a bit of a preference for the American League--- really-- it's baseball!!!

The Cubs won, and it was a great game.

And.... I had my annual Ben's Chili Bowl Half Smoke all the Way. If you've never had one, all I can say is... you really, really must.Last night the Nationals played the Cardinals. A good game. A really good game.

I saw a guy who was a co-worker and friend 20 years ago. We had a chance to catch up-- it was great to see him. When we worked together last, my kids were little bitty, and now they're both graduated from college!

I had a SECOND annual Ben's Chili Bowl Half Smoke all the Way. (Seriously back to South Beach now-- no further discussion!!!) And the game kept getting better. It was tied in the bottom of the 9th when we left, as many in our group had to work today. When I got home- an hour and a half later-- I turned on the TV. The game was STILL tied, and STILL going on. So in the 13th inning, the Nats got a run, and won. And I could finally go to sleep.

It's not too hot, so I've been able to spend some time outside--- a welcome break from an unbelievably busy, busy time at work.

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