Friday, November 04, 2016

For some reason, I'm a day off.  I wrote this yesterday, but the post from the day before was revised after midnight, so it was dated Nov 3.  So's not to confuse myself, I'll post this today, and then carry on with new posts tomorrow.

What's Up?

My Birthday!!! (Nov 3) That's what!  When I came downstairs, I found this from The Husband.  So sweet-- he left for work about 20 minutes before I got up, and he had one of the battery tea lights going next to a breakfast roll.  I'll be smiling all day.

What else?  Sleepy-- stayed up for the end of the World Series game last night.  One of the really fun things was the stream of texts that flew around among my siblings.  #3 Brother, who runs the Indians' ballpark, was most certainly up quite late, hosting thousands of Cubs fans who didn't want to leave the magic.

In My Head

I have a tendency to over-think things, to awfulize about the past, and to be overly concerned about my shortcomings.  I came upon this blog (Marc and Angel Hack Life) 25 Things You Need To Stop Wasting Time On.  I thought it would be the same ol' tips we've all seen a million times- sort the mail at the door, vacuum when the spirit moves you.... you get the picture.  Instead, this item is a treasure trove of things that keep us from moving forward.  I'm going to try to spend some mindful time with several of these, and might share some thoughts.  There are also a whole lot of article links that remained unexplored for right now, because they are undoubtedly a black hole that will be fascinating to fall down sometime.

On The Needles

I went to the Knitting Group at Martha Washington library, and made some progress on the second Keep on Swimming sock.  I told of achieving the nearly perfect toe by watching the KnitPicks YouTube video for Kitchener, and following along step by step (or rather, stitch by stitch.)


The Big Honkin' Asia/Australia trip is coming up this winter.  I spent time getting Australian visas for The Husband and me, and The Offspring.  I need to review excursions, and get some scheduled.  I'll outline the trip in more detail in a future posting.

Closer to now, I'll be off to Omaha next week for a nephew's wedding.  It will be lovely to see my sibs and their offspring.  I'll miss the Hokies vs Georgia Tech football game-- the only type of thing that could cause me to miss my Hokies is a family event of great import.

What I Learned Today

I've been missing something by not watching Marvel movies.  Dr. Strange was pretty darn good.
I need to finish blog post revisions before midnight, so I don't mess up the days.

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