Saturday, November 05, 2016

What's Up?

I spent some time at the Rec Center today, participating in the Aquathon-- 3 hours of free water aerobics.  I hate exercise.  I always have.  Don't know why, except that I hate to sweat, and I have exercise-induced asthma which, even after using an inhaler, makes it really uncomfortable.  At one point, my running was at about 4 miles per day, and I still hated it.  Running came to a halt one lovely day, when I slipped on ice and landed on my posterior.  Walking is ok, but really weather dependent for me (most of our year is too hot, or too cold,) and I don't like just walking unless I'm going somewhere. I can walk for miles in New York, but going through my neighborhood doesn't cut it unless The Daughter's dog is with us and needs exercise.  So water aerobics have been a welcome addition to my life.  I don't hate it, and my goal has been 3 times a week. It's something I can do here as well as in Blacksburg.  The goal has been pretty much met since the beginning of September, so I am determined to continue.

My Hokies won against Duke today.  It wasn't pretty, but they persisted. VT 24 Duke 21.

In My Head
The maple tree in front of the house is turning, and is joining the other trees to give us a beautiful Fall.  The colors this year are very full and rich, giving us a lovely palette of hues.

There is a reason that this is my favorite season-- in addition to Football (Go Hokies!)

The season reminds me that the beauty of the colors will soon be replaces by the grey and white of winter-- the circle of life.  Gotta grab for the gusto, and appreciate every minute that we are given.

Reading and Listening

I love Audible books, because I can do other things while listening. Like knitting.  And driving. And cleaning.  Most recently I finished listening to Toni Tenille: A Memoir, and In a Sunburned Country by Bill Bryson.   

Toni Tenille's autobiography told of her life as an emotionally abused, long-suffering partner to Daryl Dragon-- "The Captain,"  Whenever I saw her on television, she always looked positive and cheerful.  It goes to show, you don't know what's going on in anyone's life unless they tell you.

In a Sunburned Country by Bill Bryson tells of his travels in Australia.  Since I'll be "Down Under" in a couple of months, I wanted to get his take on Australia, and found out that it is large, has a lot of desert, and more types of wildlife that can kill you faster and more efficiently than anywhere else on earth.

I also enjoy listening to podcasts-- a discussion for another time.

What I Learned Today

Fall is still my favorite season.

Exercise makes me feel good, so I need to stay with the water aerobics, since I hate everything else.

Starbucks barristas are very nice.  I "online ordered" a sweet cream cold brew.  When I got to the store, she said that they were out of cold brew.  As I tried to figure out what I wanted, another barrista brought out a pitcher that was hiding.  It apparently wasn't supposed to be "done" yet, so I was given a sample cup to see if it was ok.  It was.  She mixed my drink, and it was a bit too full to get the lid on the grande cup.  Rather than pouring some of the mix, she put it in a venti cup, and I was able to add the rest of my sample cup.  Thoughtful.

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