Thursday, May 31, 2007

Almost Finished!!!

The Great American Bathroom Remodel, that is...

It's not the ultimate bathroom of my dreams, let me make that clear. The UBMD would be at least 4 times this size with a very large tub having a wide tile surround that I could put plants and candles on, and a separate shower with a rain head, and two sinks and mood lighting, heated towel bars, and hell, while I'm at it, a small refrigerator that would hold a couple of bottles of champagne. (And somebody to keep the place clean would be nice, too.)

But what we have is a 5' X 8' space that needed re-plumbing, modernizing, minimal maintenance while being beautiful and functional. We weren't willing to do structural house changes, and enlarging the bathroom would have cost us what little closet space we have and/or the other bathroom-- neither being an option.

I'm happy so far, and I trust I'll be when it's finished out tomorrow.

I'm really pleased with the tile. It's a bit pricey, and we chose to tile the entire room. It feels like being in a canyon-- very organic, cool (I hope I don't regret that in the winter), and peaceful.

We're completely grouted, and the fixtures and plumbing fit-out get installed tomorrow. We are eventually planning on a glass slider for the shower, but for now we'll use a tension bar and heavy-gauge shower curtain.

Check it out (and click on the pics to enlarge-- the detail of the tile guys is pretty neat-- never thought I'd be so inspired by a "good grouting"):

The Shower- check out the little tiles on the shower floor.

The little stone shelves at each end of the shower-- and the polished stone accents at eye level (eye level for tall people, that is.)

The stone and antiqued brass towel bar and stone tp holder. (The blue tape is not a design feature-- it's just to keep the towel bar in place until the cement and grout cure.)

The grout needs to set for a week, and then we can use the shower.

Think I'll treat myself to some new towels.


Ann said...

That tile is gorgeous!! totally looks like a spa.

Ava said...

I LOVE your bathroom tiles! They do look like a spa. Does the water sound like it's hitting stone. Crank the heat and buy a towel warm if it turns out to be cold in the winter.