Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Tomorrow (Today) It Begins

The Great American Bathroom Rehab, that is.

Here are the "before" pictures. The Husband has already removed the blue tile, the white and blue flowered wallpaper, and knocked out a bit of the wall around the plumbing:

Note the snazzy floor tile. The crew is arriving at 8 am to gut the room, remove the tub, toilet, vanity, and flooring, replace the wallboard in what will be the shower area, and get ready for tiling next week.

This is going to be fun...

It IS going to be fun...


In Knitting Knews,
A Hokie Bird Hokie Square, with his friends the Mitred Squares and Mr. Diagonal Stripe.

He needs to be blocked, and he doesn't have his detail stitching around the beak and waddle area, but that'll be done soon.

And I need some instant gratification, so I'm starting on a boxy summer cardigan from bulky summer stash yarn. Here's the first bit:

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Mimi said...

I am there with you in the remodeling dept. It will be nice when it's over.
Nice squares too!!