Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sheep and Wool- Good for the Soul

Just LOOK at how beautiful these sweaters are-- all natural colors:These are the work of Kelly and Kathy. After all that's happened, I've had difficulty focusing. But when I saw this display, it took my breath away. The simplicity and harmony of the natural color gradations put some order into my soul. I really can't explain it, and I know it sounds weird.

I bought some absolutely gorgeous wool/alpaca blend from them-- natural grey and cream. I don't know exactly what I'll do with it, but it's going to be spectacular.

Since I was in need of a bit of escape, I headed up to MSW on Friday night, and stayed in the Hampton Inn in Columbia. You know what a fan I am of Hampton Inns, but THERE WAS NO COFFEE in the little breakfast place.

Either morning!!!

I met some really nice people from Stuart Virginia and upstate New York on Friday night, and ran into them several more times. It was nice to have some fellow knitters (including a Y chromosome knitter!) to chat with. They comisserated on the coffee situation, and may have been more distressed than I, if that's possible.

I met up with a group of The Irregulars.

We all pulled out our knitting, and I did a little work on anotherHokie Square. (Gina of Mosaic hit the press again!)

We acknowledged that for at least a couple of us, it was "the first time":

A really special treat was that Shanti and Shanti's Mom (hey-- she really has her own name-- Lynn)were there. I hadn't seen her in ages-- I've been out of town when she's been back in the DC area, and of course, I haven't made it down south to minesweeper-land (or sea).

I never knew how many breeds of sheep there are. I fell in love with the little Jacob lambs. The pics aren't that great, but they are the cutest little things-- they look almost like little goats with tiny little horns sticking straight out of the sides of their heads. I didn't see any already spun yarn from the Jacobs, and although there were fleeces available, I haven't started the spinning. I figure I really can't do another thing right now, but it's in my future sometime. I did pick up a drop spindle and a very small amount of wool just for playing-around purposes. I tried using it, (during the Kentucky Derby) but it was pretty pitiful.

I really enjoyed the Border Collie demonstration. Those lil pooches are something else. (Could have used a couple when a flock got loose on the road in front of our bus in Ireland. Took almost an hour to round 'em all up.)

And then, of course, there was food...

I shared with some of my friends that I've had a tough time making decisions lately, even about what to eat. Hence, the recent Yodel debacles. I did make a conscious decision that I would eat at least a taste of Fried Twinkies, because, well.... I never have. Unfortunately, it was not to be. Not a Fried Twinkie in the place. I had to make do with some of a funnel cake. I did, however, not eat curly chips. They looked and smelled wonderful, and I'd show you a picture, except that for some reason, I can't upload it.

A final little note: I was bowled over when I heard this:
"Rise Up, Virginia Tech Tribute" by R Kelly. It's thoughtful, uplifting and just what the Hokie Nation needs right now. It's being released on May 15th, and proceeds are going to the Hokie Spirit fund. I'm hitting the iTunes store to purchase it on that day.

You might want to think about it, too.


Ann said...

So how does it feel, to be deflowered by MDSW? :) It was so much fun! (I didn't see that alpaca... it's probably for the best.)

jasmine said...

thirsty irregulars, I might add. It was great to see you there -- slag you were able to get away. I seem to have only taken pictures of sheeps and alpacas --

Gina said...

The R. Kelly song is nice...and it freaks me out. Big names, little town, national tragedy...right here in my little bitty town!

Carolina said...

I love the pics! I can't wait to see what you make with your wool/alpaca yarn. Lovely sweaters indeed.