Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Busy Busy Busy

And having a ball.

We got back from B-Burg yesterday in time for me to do another wonderful night shift. I can say that because the Godesses smiled and I was able to be off tonight.

The weekend was great. The Daughter had friends visit, so we had a house-full again. But we were all so busy that there was little tripping over one another. We went to dinner at B-Dubs, then back to catch up on the DVR list.

Everyone was up early to participate in Hokies Thank The World. It was fun-- a beautiful day, some 9,000 people, I think, and lots of good spirit. It was a chance to thank everyone for the outpouring of support during the last 6 months. (I'm up at the top of the T, just to the right of the speaker stand. I'm wearing maroon. Do you see me? Ha Ha). By the way, if you have hours and hours to get lost in, give yourself a great treat, and download GoogleEarth. It's free, and you can locate your house, stars in the galaxy, and a satellite image of the picture above. I had a great time last night. (Gotta be careful, though. It's almost as addictive as Cubis2).

Then a great game against Miami. The scoreboard was so thrilled it went Kablooey right after the game was over:

Here's a better idea of what happened:
Hokies defeat Miami 44-14

Autumn-- It Doesn't Get Any Better

With all the drought and heat that went well into November, we thought there wouldn't be much in the way of great foliage this year. Well, there has been, and it's been spectacular. It started with mostly the deep, tapestry tones, but has expanded into vibrant displays.

Our commutes to Blacksburg (and even just to work, for that matter) have been breathtaking.

I've been trying to figure out how to put captions under the pictures, but really don't have the time to fiddle with it now. The top picture was taken during the Hokies Thank the World photoshoot in Blacksburg. The one on the right is the tree in my front yard. The bottom picture is across the little bay on the Potomac, looking toward Mount Vernon.

Lots more tomorrow. Including some actual Knitting Knews.

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Jane said...

Google Earth is just the best, i frequently search for places and at the weekend was delighted to find the stars/night sky feature on the new upgrade. The autumnal pictures are lovely, autumn has been very good here too. A brilliant score for the Hokies too. i printed the photo off to put in my scrap book of making squares.