Wednesday, November 21, 2007

There Has Been Knitting

During our week away I did quite a bit on the Tilted Duster, and have continued, although the reorganizing efforts have dominated the energy output.

But here we are... about 15 more rows or so on the skirt, then finish the sleeves, and pick up the collar. It would probably be helpful for me to set a deadline, but there are other things going on.

I just love the way the colors are coming out. It's a bit strange, with the sleeve stripes being much wider, but I think it'll work. I've had to do a bit of futzing with the colorway-- inserting bits of yarn at strange places-- to have the stripes on the skirt sort of approximate each other. The colors are much prettier in real life, and after it's done, I'll try to get an outdoors picture that might better represent the actual tones.

The Peekaboo Mittens were finished a few weeks ago, and The Daughter wore them at the game against FSU. She's happy with them, but would like an overlap on the palm, so they're not open when the fingers are all inside. I think it's possible to do, and I may try to make another pair this winter, elongating the lower edge of the finger hole. We'll let you know!

(I've been trying to load the mitten pictures, but The Blogger must have hit the eggnog a bit early. I'll try later.)

And so now, The Daughter and I will do a bit of baking to get ready for tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving, all.

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Jane said...

Wow! you have been busy with the knitting. Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving. Jane x