Sunday, November 11, 2007

Veteran's Day

It's Veteran's Day. To a lot of people it means another sale at Macy's, or a day off work.

To others, it means the memory of a loved one who gave the ultimate sacrifice for them and for all we hold dear.

To me, it means unending respect for My Father, who served Marines on the front lines in Korea, tending to their injuries of body and spirit in conditions I can't imagine. It is memories of those I served with, some of whom are no longer with us, and of the sacrifices they made, whether in family separation, numerous hardships, or with their lives; appreciation for the amazing work and sacrifice of those who went before me and the freedom I enjoy because of them, awe of the accomplishments of those who are in service following me, and pride in all that is good about our nation.

Their work is symbolized by our Flag and the symbols of our nation. And that's why I may glare at those who chat on cellphones during the National Anthem, and find it too difficult to take off their hats during The Pledge, and don't think it's important to stand when The Flag is presented. I realize they just don't understand, and it makes me sad.

It doesn't seem too much to expect.

Hey-- Go Hug a Vet!

In Other News...

How Unbelievably Sweet It Is!

The first Hokie victory against FSU.
Read All About It!


Gina said...

I got chills when we won!

Jane said...

Sunday in England was Remebrance Sunday, so we were commemorating the soldiers, sailors and airmen who died in all the conflicts from WW1 through to today. All of last week the BBC did items about the 5 remaining survivors from WW1, amazing but sad at the same time.

Stunning victory for the Hokies.