Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Beginning again

I started on the Fibonacci sequence top-- but only barely. I actually did swatch the yarn, and discovered that I need to knit it tightly, because my purl rows were visibly looser than the knit rows. Good thing I discovered it while swatching. Other than the sequence, this is basic mindless knitting-- stockinette stitch, but I need to pay close attention to the row counts. I wondered why I decided to do this next, rather than something a bit more challenging, but I think that it boils down to wanting another short-sleeved top. We shall see how this goes. It's not difficult, but it's all done in one piece, starting at the sleeve edge, so I'll end up with a couple hundred stitches. I think I like the yarn-- it's a cotton blend with some spring to it, so it won't get sloggy or too heavy.

In the rest of life, it's Nurses' week, and many activities-- ceremonies, luncheons, gifts-- very nice. I work with a great group of people. Being a nurse and working in the area I do means long, wacky hours, stress, emotional drain, and the most fulfilling experience I can imagine, even when things are going badly. I am blessed. And tired.

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