Sunday, May 08, 2005

Minion or Sycophant????

Well, it appears that I've really done it now. On Wednesday (I know it's Sunday, and I'm on a break at work- but ...) I was sitting at the back table of Nirvana-land, and was graced to be in the presence of not only Wendy-who-knits but also Carol-The-Knitting-Wizard (who is definitely not going to knit me a black lace shawl to use as a mantilla if I ever get to go see the new pope-- but gives me great advice on socks), both of whom I hold in great esteem for their immense talent. And, they are kind enough to give helpful hints in a very generous and gentle manner. And, they are each in their own way, very funny people. And they are fun to be around. And no, I don't consider myself to be a groupie. Although there are definitely those who fall into the category, I'm told. So Wendy was describing something she collects, and I of the short attention span, felt the urge to imitate said object, and so now I have been officially dubbed a sycophant. I don't know if that's good or bad, or just sad. I'll try to figure it out.

Meanwhile, coming off nights resulted in a day of intermittent consciousness. I did a few rows, but mostly snoozed. Since both my offspring are away, DH took me to dinner last night in Old Town. What a lovely evening-- haven't walked around there for awhile (except from parking meter to Knit Happens). I need to get out more. So today is supposed to be beautiful, and I hope that those who have the opportunity to be outside (or those who have windows to look out) can enjoy this Mothers' Day. And so-- back to the lil' ones....

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