Thursday, May 19, 2005

...Where Everybody Knows Your Name, or at Least Your Blog

Can there be a better place than Knit Happens Late Night? Sitting around the table, sharing stories and jokes and technology tips and, oh yes, of course, knitting. I just love seeing the progress on everyone's wips. Knitters know what we mean when we say Ravenna (not the one in Italy) and Martha (not the one who just got sprung) and Clapotis (not an infection) and Rebecca (not of Sunnybrook Farm) and Innishmore (not looking for Guinness after having a few). And even Fibonacci. And all are growing by leaps and bounds. Koigu is not a kind of fish that lives in little ponds, and Lucy doesn't have some "splennin' to do"--- well, I could go on and on, and probably would --but this has been quite enough.

Now I know that everyone is really excited about the Innishmore knit-off, but I gotta tell you.... There's nothing like walking into the shop and seeing Wendy with this HUGE--as in the front is mere rows from being done-- piece of beautiful aran knitting. And the reaction of everyone who walked in was the same. "Omigosh!!" When you go to her site and see the pictures, you can't help but be most impressed. And as lovely as the pictures are, they really can't capture the depth and texture and rich color of this project. I am in awe.

A very nice lady came to the back table and asked everyone what they were working on. It was very sweet, and reminded me a little of show and tell. And I realized that the projects were as diverse and interesting as the people knitting them. Did I mention how much I love this environment?

I was touched that people wanted to know where my blog was. And I thank you all for the shout-outs. I will actually get some links in, and add some pictures to this, as soon as my kids are available to help me. I know I could figure it out myself, but it's such a bonding thing to do-- having them teach me. Now I'm not computer illiterate-- I've been using them for many many many moons (omigosh I just realized that we got our first pc when The Son was a couple of months old-- what a concept! and we have 8 functioning computers in the house) but I've been preoccupied with other things, so haven't gotten up to speed with the rest of the digital nuances. But these things will come. Soon. You can hold me to it.

So Holly, and Erin, and Ann, and Kelly, and Shelley, and Brittany, and Rosanna, and Wendy, and anyone who I have inadvertently missed, it was a lovely time. (and for those who weren't there-- and you know who you are... Maybe next week?)


Rossana said...

I enjoyed chatting with you at Late Night and seeing your way cool (LOVE the colors!) Fibonacci sweater grow! Welcome to the knitblog world! See you again soon!

Kel said...

Hullo! We had a loverly time too!

Lyon said...

yesyesyes! Tomorrow, even!!

quoth the YarnGeek...:)