Thursday, May 26, 2005

Feelin' Good at the Happy Place

First of all, I think I fixed what I needed to so that people can comment. If not, I'll try again.

What an awesome Latenight at Knit Happens. I got off work in plenty of time to spend plenty of time, which is a most good and wonderful thing. And what to my wondering eyes should appear as I walked in, but The Astounding Wendy-who-Knits and the Amazing Innishmore. I doubt there will be a picture taken that does it justice, though many pictures were taken. But not by me. (Remember-- still trying to catch up with the 21st century). Simply beautiful.

And simply beautiful people, several of whom I've not seen for quite awhile-- including the hostess with the mostest yarn- Kristine who's gettin' back to Harriet, Miss Cindy who finished knittin' on her lovely lime Emily and showed us Lucy (the top, not the cat), The Fair Phyl who was charging through a fancy schmancy orange (of course) scarf on log-sized needles, and Liz with her sweet sockies (and sweet Godivas). We were joined by Jon-from-New-York who had an amazing baby blanket in 1" intarsia squares (Kristine went almost apoplectic). And many more friends I've seen in the more recent past.

Holly's working on a nice little lace short-sleeved cardi. I have the pattern, and she inspires me. I picked up some pretty purple Cathay to make one for The Daughter.

Now I must say that many people are making much progress on numerous projects (there's definite Martha progress going on), and I just keep hackin' away and hackin' away at Fibonacci. This Must End. Soon. (Sound of loud lamenting Irish Sighs). I'm almost to the end of the neck, and then I start counting rows again, so it'll go faster. Or at least it will hopefully seem so. Good thing I really like the colors. And the yarn.

Last night I just. couldn't. take. any. more, and with elements of my stash beckoning, I started Klaralund using Lorna's Lace Grace (a mohair boucle') in the Somerset colorway. It's beautiful-- a seafoam green and a lovely pink and a muted blue. There's just one problem. I reeeeeeally want to use it for Klaralund, and I have 5 skeins. I think I need 9. So, I decided to try interspersing Classic Elite La Gran Mohair that I got at KH.

I found a color that exactly matches the seafoam green. Exactly. I knit about 8", and noticed that I got some wicked pooling of the green. Darndest thing-- sections of lovely green and blue and pink striping interspersed with large splotchy chunks of nothin' but green. It's a beautiful green, but the effect looked disturbing, and I realized that I couldn't be happy with it. So I picked up a pink that works well with the colors, and I'm going to use another skein of the Grace, and alternate every row. (Grace, Green, Grace, Pink).(omigosh-- it didn't occur to me that the green and pink thing is going on. I really didn't realize it. I hope I'm not considered a pink and green groupie....not that there's anything wrong with that...) I haven't done this kind of thing much in the past, but using the circular needle will allow me to start from either side. Now if I can just keep track of where I am... There is some room for error, and I'll just hope that it works out. It'll be interesting if nothing else. Note to self-- frogging boucle' is not something I want to do a lot of.

The Son is Back
Yep. Got back from Mexico at midnight-thirty on Saturday night. He'd been taking a field ecology course, kayaking and studying the ecosystems on the islands in and around the Sea of Cortez. (I, alternatively, spent my college summers working as a camp counselor and swimming teacher and taking Shakespeare.) (!) He had the good sense to bring home presents. Coffee, seashells,rocks and tequila and some other kind of booze that we haven't figured out yet. The KH gang pointed out the interesting turn that life takes when one's offspring becomes an expert on the finest nuances of the beverage of choice. It's good stuff. Except for getting chopped up while rock climbing, and burning his face to a crisp, he survived well. I'm glad to see him. Tomorrow is dvds and maybe Star Wars. And maybe some housework.


Anonymous said...

Yowie Zowie, I can leave a comment! Life is good.


Erin said...

Yippee! I can comment :)

Phyl said...

It was so nice to catch up with the whole group last night!

I can't wait to see your Klaralund.

Shanti said...

I know what you mean...I'm lucky to get in 3 or 4 rows on Ravenna a night...which isn't much with 4 ply. I'm beginning to uunderstand the attraction to big yarn. Keep plugging - we'll get there yet!