Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Time Flies By...

DH and I travelled to Blacksburg today to pack out The Daughter who has most successfully completed her first year of college. Can it possibly be 10 months since we brought her here as a brand new Freshman? It's been quite a year. She joined the Marching Virginians, played at most of the Hokie football games, went to the Sugar Bowl, joined the band sorority, and survived a pretty darn heavy schedule with some pretty darn good grades. I can still remember her first day of pre-school. It just seems so impossible some times. I try not to get weepy thinking about it, because it would just embarrass her beyond words. So we look forward to the summer and having some time with her and The Son before it all starts over again.

The really good thing about riding to Blacksburg with DH driving is time to knit with zero guilt. The frustrating thing this time was that I'm still trying to recover from what has been a very busy week and a half, and I kept falling asleep. Nonetheless, I made some progress on the top-- but I swear that the next project will not have an appreciable amount of stockinette. My lord, it's boring. But I am successfully keeping track of the stripes and haven't goofed yet.

So, we packed stuff, and 0rganized stuff, and now I'm at the hotel washing stuff, so we can put it in vacuum bags in the storage unit. The plan is to take home as little as possible, and to schlep back even less in August. However, from the look of things today, the back of the Explorer will be packed, nonetheless for the trek home. It's nice to be able to spend a couple of days, instead of killing ourselves. We plan a leisurely trip back, travelling some of the back roads rather than I-81- land of semi's and my least favorite interstate.

And back to the dryer I go.

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